Following are the Terms & Conditions for the usage of Babmakkah website which may be amended as required to improve our services, and they are applicable with immediate effect from the time of posting on Babmakkah website.


  • Site: The “Site” refers to the BabMakkah domain and website/platform. It is a platform that offers selling and purchasing services to its user.
  • User: Any person who uses BabMakkah website for browsing or make use of any of its services.
  • Seller: Any person, company, or institution who applies as a vendor with Babmakkah's approval to sell their products on BabMakkah website.
  • Buyer: Any person who purchases any product/s from BabMakkah website.

Eligibility For Usage:

  • To be able to use and benefit from the services of the Site, users must create a personal account on the Site by filling and submitting all required information on user's registration page.
  • Any financial transactions on the Site has to be via an authorized channels and conducted by a person authorized to access those channels.
  • Sellers will be approved and allowed access to the Site’s selling services after signing a contract with BabMakkah that will enlist the details of the engagement.

Usage Of Website:


  • All Users, Sellers, and Buyers are liable for the information they provide to the Site, whereas it is their obligation to make sure of the validity and accuracy of such information. In addition, they have the sole responsibility of protecting their account information including but not limited to their Usernames and Passwords.
  • Users shall not try to harm the Site in any manner including but not limited to hacking or phishing activities, use of any forms of viruses or malicious war, and they shall not try to misuse, distort, or manipulate the content, pricing, pricing structure, billing process, etc. of the website
  • No content deemed indecent, abusive, racist, vulgar, illegal use profanity or derogatory etc. in any manner should be used or posted in the Site.
  • No religious ,other than Islam, or political content is allowed within the Site.
  • The Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are protected, whereas copying and/or distributing content without the prior consent of BabMakkah will result in taking legal action.


  • Seller should have rights to sell the products listed
  • All products listed by Seller should be legally sellable in the KSA
  • Description of the products should be accurate and factual
  • Sellers should not mislead or misrepresent users in any form
  • Sellers should remain responsible for after-sales services, guarantees, warranties, maintenance, and any defects that may arise for or in respect of your Products including where required in accordance with Applicable Law
  • Package each of your Products in a commercially reasonable manner complying with all applicable packaging and labelling requirements as provided in each Elected Country(ies);


  • Registration for users on the Site is free of charge.
  • BabMakkah does not charge users any additional fees on purchase of products other than the price listed for each product as well as shipping and delivery charges as applicable.
  • Listing of products is free on the Site for Sellers, as they are only liable to pay BabMakkah the amount defined in their contracts on each item sold. However, that does not include fees for any classifieds and special listing feature as applicable.

Quality & Warranty:

  • Warranty of products will be provided by the Seller of the product
  • Complaints on quality will be relayed to Sellers and BabMakkah will facilitate settling these grievances for the Buyer
  • Although BabMakkah does due diligence before approval of any product, but all sellers will be responsible for the quality of their products.
  • In case a product does not comply with the standards, the Seller should be responsible about the financial liability to the Buyer

Fulfillment of Order:

  • The Seller has the option to fulfill orders by himself or use Babmakkah fulfillment services.
  • Buyer will be reimbursed fully in the amount paid for the product/s in the event an order is not fulfilled by the Seller.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction:

  • A breach of any of the previous terms and conditions may result in taking legal action against the breaching party.
  • Any dispute arising from or in connection with usage of the Site shall be subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi Courts in Jeddah City shall have jurisdiction to solve the dispute.
  • Accordingly, the User, Seller, and Buyer waive their right to initiate any legal proceedings in any other jurisdictions.