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Kamada is a pillow filled with date seeds.

You can heat up easily and quickly in the microwave.

Stay warm and comfort up to 30-45 minutes.

Adapts to the body according to the area on which it is located.

It emits comfortable heat gradually, ideal for rest and relaxation.

It can be used cold where they are put in a freezer for at least two hours.


For muscle pain and muscle spasms in the neck, shoulders and legs, certain areas of the body such as knee, ankle, abdomen, especially for women's abdominal pain (menstrual cycle). Or if you're nervous.

You can put them on your feet in bed to warm cold feet

And perfect to heat a bed or a crib.

Cold KAMADA used in cases of sports injuries to reduce pain and bleeding, and in cases of rupture of ligaments swelling

 Heating : 2 minutes maximum at 700-800 Watts, 1 minutes maximum at 900-1000 Watts.

Cooling: for at least two hours in the freezer and can stored in the freezer until use.

Product information: 0.5 kg . fabric: 100% cotton.

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