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Grey and black vest ( M to L) by Mai

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mai aboul faraj collections is designing to target unique, creative clients. each design is a unique story that goes in harmony to create a piece that suits the client and adds to his/her style.

I got inspired by the complete journey of fabrics, textile, color, pattern, and the history behind each pattern. being married to an interior designer, nawaf alnassar and as an employee in his company 3N JEDDAH, were i was surrounded with variates and watterfalls of fabrics. i was evaluating the fabric design brought to the office by the worldwide fabric promoters, that made me appreciate and fall in love with textile listening to the origin history of each fabric made me invision them in different setups out of the interior design world into my and my kids wardrobe.

- Unisex vests

- (M to L) * Round Neck:19 inches. * Round Chest:44inches. * Round Hip:42 inches. * Round Underarm:22 inches.*  Length:25.5 inches. * Shoulder:18.5 inches.