Aramis Devin Country EDC for Men 100ml - BabMakkah Stores
Aramis Devin Country EDC for Men 100ml - BabMakkah Stores

Aramis Devin Country EDC for Men 100ml

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One of the best classic men's fragrances, Eau de Cologne Divine by Aramis. This cologne gives you an amazing scent that stimulates your senses. Eau de Cologne Divine by Aramis has a fragrant citrus and floral fragrance that lasts long. A refreshing and calming Aramis Cologne fragrance reflects the beauty and charm of the landscape. You can use this fragrance when relaxing over the weekend, as its rich formula enhances your positive feelings. Amaze everyone around you with this cologne with its delicate and wonderful aroma. Aramis Cologne Divine is available in a 100ml bottle, which features a stylish design that fits the elegant man.

Concentration: Eau De Cologne
Fragrance: Fresh
Top Note: Aramis cologne Divine contain aldehydes, orange, wormwood, lavender, galbanum, bergamot and lemon. As the ingredients of the forefront of cologne blend together to form a prominent, rich and strong scent that will charm everyone around you.
Heart Note: Clove, cinnamon, jasmine, caraway and pine nuts combine to form the heart of this amazing cologne. The fragrant Eau de Cologne Aramis settles with the aroma of spices and flowers to stimulate your mind with joy and optimism.
Base Note: Aramis consists of labdanum, leather, amber, patchouli, musk, oak moss and cedar. The fragrant woods and leather remain stable for a long time and give you a feeling of relief