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About Leafs  Compresses?

Leaves compresses is a Saudi project that manufactures hand-made compresses from natural grains and the finest types of cloth and mixes them with aromatic oils that have a distinctive and relaxing smell

The main concept of the compress is that it is 100% safe and has many health benefits. 🌿💛

Among the benefits of using compresses:

Relaxing the muscles after a stressful exercise

Help to increase blood flow

Reducing menstrual pain

How to use:

In the beginning, because the heat strength of microwave devices varies from one device to another, an experiment must be done at the first heating.

So it is heated in the microwave for a minute and a half, after which to make sure the temperature is even, if it is very hot, that means that a minute and a half is sufficient.

If the compress was warm, add another minute, after which to make sure that it is hot.

And so on until the heat is balanced and the appropriate heating time is determined.

(In most cases, most microwave ovens are heated for 3 minutes without problems)

But for the first time, they did experiments to confirm and avoid burning the fabric.

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